Broadway World Reviews StarKid’s APOCALYPTOUR at The Neptune Theatre

Jay Irwin of wrote up a review of the Apocalyptour show in Seattle on 5/28/2012. Though the review is merely lukewarm, I agree with the author’s critiques that the performers were often difficult to hear over the crowd (turn up the mics and turn down the screaming/singing audience!) and that the show was much less accessible for those who do not know Team StarKid’s work intimately.

Photo credit: Chris Dzombak

“I had a very confusing night last night.  I went to go catch the latest tour offering from musical theater parodists Team StarKid with their “Apocalyptour” at the Neptune Theatre.  My first moment of confusion was when I arrived an hour before the show and the line was already down the block and around the corner.  I didn’t realize how much of a cult following they have especially with the younger crowd as the majority of the crowd was still in their teens.  But the place was packed!  Then, once the show started, came the rest of my confusion as apparently seeing a Team StarKid show requires loads of advanced knowledge as there’s no way you could hear any lyrics over the band not to mention the screaming fans who sounded as though they were witnessing the second coming of The Beatles.”

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